Playback Theatre

Engage with us on an improvisational, interactive and intimate form of theatre where your own stories come to life.

Playback theatre is an improvisational, interactive and intimate form of theatre where the audience members share their stories and the actors play it back to them impromptu on the spot. The stories collected in the process of a playback performance allow spaces for individuals to develop empathy and forge stronger connections.

We have been holding regular playback theatre performances since 2015. From commercial spaces like Bikalpa Arts Center, Evoke Café and Bistro to charitable ones such as orphanages, rescue shelters and old age homes, our performances can be showcased anywhere.

Playback theatre has helped transform us personally and professionally, and imbibed in us a special kind of empathy and discipline. We strive to make playback theatre self-sustaining and often hold performances with our own expenses. We are very particular about Playback Theatre rehearsals and strongly feel that since we are working closely with others’ stories, we need to be sensitive, aware and compassionate. We pay special importance to self-care of our playback actors and often check in about their mental well-being in their preparedness. We have been successful in building a small but active Playback Theatre community in Kathmandu.

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